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DH04 PRO, DH04-RS2, ARES Three 4th Z Axis Detachable Spring Dual Handles, which one do you prefer?

So far, DF DIGITALFOTO has released 3 typies Universal 4th Z Axis Detachable Gimbal Spring Dual Handles. They are

Why do we need such a spring dual hand? 
There are two reasons,
Firstly because there is bounce when shooting, by using them, the vertical jitter can be effectively reduced by 20%~30%, and the videographer can shoot a more stable video;
Secondly, the gravity is distributed to the two hands. Shooting for a long time is no longer a problem.

1. They are all detachable and portable; 
With Spring arm design,effectively 20%~30% reduce vertical bounce ;3.Adjust arm tension to achieve best condition for your balance and shooting;
4. Dual handle top is built with 1/4-20 screw hole for mounting microphone, led,monitor. Differences
[Different Materials]: ARES is made of aluminum alloy, DH04PRO is made of ABS, DH04-RS2 is made of ABS and aluminum alloy;
[Different Net Weight]: ARES is 1kg, DH04PRO is 1.3kg, DH04-RS2 is 1.32kg;
[Different Payload]: The maximum payload of DH04 PRO and DH04-RS2 is 8kg, bringing with different load springs;  The maximum payload of ARES is 5kg.
[Different Compatibility]:  DH04 PRO &ARES are universal compatibility.DJI RS2 RSC2 Ronin S SC Zhiyun Crane 2S 3S Webill S Weebill 2 Moza etc

However, DH04-RS2 is specially designed for DJI RS2/RSC2/RONIN S/Ronin SC.  DH04-RS2 PRO includes an adapter for ZHIYUN Crane2S and one strap which make it be compatible with RS2/RSC2/RONIN S/Ronin SC/Crane2S and handle released.

YouTube videos:
DH04-RS2 Z-axis Stabilizer

DH04 Pro Z-axis Stabilizer

ARES Z-Axis Handles:

Price and availability:
DH04-RS2 is available now for 165USD, DH04-RS2 PROwith strapis 199USD . ARES priced at 178USD, DH04 PRO with strappriced at 110USD. So which of them is your favorite? You can click the link below to view the details

Which one would be your best addition to your setup?  Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below! We are listening to your voice. Thanks


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