DJI RONIN S/Crane Series MOZA Air 2 Ares Gimbal Spring Dual Handle

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If your gimbal handle diameter is smaller than 40mm,like 31mm Zhiyun Crane Plus&Crane V2,then you need to insert our round base plate into Ares middle connect bridge clamp,tighten it,and then install gimbal on top of the round base plate via 1/4” screw.
World first Z axis alloy spring dual handle for Ronin S,also compatible with any 40-46mm handle including FEIYU/ZHIYUN/DJI/MOZA Single handle gimbal

30% reduce vertical vibration
One tighten knob to tight gimbal,Save time!
Why Choose DF DIGITALFOTO ARES Z Axis Spring Dual Handle?
1.One tighten knob to tight gimbal on dual handle,which save much more time during shooting  
2.With anti-scratch rubber mat,your gimbal handle will be protected
3.Compatible with 40-46mm handle like Ronin S/ Zhiyun Crane 2/Crane V2/Crane Plus/Feiyu Series Gimbal
4.With Spring arm design,effectively 30% reduce vertical vibration like during your up or down stairs shooting
5.1/4 threaded hole on handle top for installing LED/Microphone/Monitor etc 6.Handle is connected to the arm by anti-slip gear,which avoid handle moving especially for using Ronin S

  1. Weight Bear 1.8-5kg,can meet most gimbal with camera+others

  2. Adjust arm tension to achieve best condition for your balance and shooting

  3. Anti-slip rubber handhold

10.By changing handhold direction,you can achieve inverted shooting
11.Detachable design ,which make it portable
12.Small raised nails ensure the arms will not fall down
13.Net weight 1kg,ensure not add too much weight for two hand
Standard Configuration
Spring Arm with Handle*2
Middle Connect Bridge*1
Round Baseplate*1
Tube for Wireless Controller*1
Screw *1
L Screwdriver*1


Compatible:40-46mm handle like Ronin S/ Zhiyun Crane 2/Crane V2/Crane Plus/Feiyu Series Single Handle Gimbal
Vibration reduce:30%
Weight Load:1.8-5kg



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