Versatile Handle for Moza Air 2 Crane 2

Versatile Handle for Moza Air 2&Crane 2  with hand release strap

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We all know Moza air 2 &Crane 2 gimbal is too heavy with other accessories,no place for mounting monitor,microphone etc.So many companies developed dual handle or mounting plate for Moza air 2 &Crane 2 gimbal
Is there anything really very special for Moza air 2 &Crane 2 gimbal?
The answer is DigitalFoto Solution Limited`s TERMINATOR-AIR2 VERSATILE HANDLE .

3 Points make Terminator special
NO.1 Terminator`s handle versatile design will make your Moza air 2 &Crane 2 gimbal be zhiyun weebill handle design,which will 100% release your handle .
NO.2 Terminator including various 1/4” 3/8” screw hole for mounting monitor microphone etc,no need to worry about magic arm,because Terminator including 2pcs mini magic arm.
NO.3 Terminator can add one shoulder strap,which can totally liberate your hand by your shoulder.

NO.4 Handle can be detachable to be one mounting plate


Josh Stephenson
Mar 28, 2020
Will the versatile handle that works for moza air 2 also work for the aircross 2?