DJI RS3 RS3PRO Ecosystem
RGB Light

300W Full Color RGB LED Panel Soft Light 2800-9990k APP /DMX Control Dimming with 12 Color Effect

Item No.: S300
Please use 26-33.4V  V mount battery.

Please must use 26-33.4V V mount battery.



Krisha Mason
May 01, 2020
Hi, What specific V-Mount batteries are recommended for this light? What brands do you recommend and what are the minimum power requirements for each battery in a 2-battery set-up? We are looking to purchase 2-3 of these lights, so I need to be sure I'm gettting what we need. Thanks, Krisha
Mar 23, 2020
I want to ask if you test your Lumen with Soft Light or not. 1m 2800k 9294lux and others. Or that you measure this lux is hardlight, not softlight