DJI RS3 RS3PRO Ecosystem

PD Type C To BMPCC 4K 6K 6K PRO Coiled Cable

Item No.: PD-BMPCC
Input voltage: PD 12V
Output voltage: 12V/2A
Total product length: 35-100cm
Applicable power supply: power bank and mobile power bank with PD 9V/12V protocol output
Decoding method: full decoding, battery display on the camera
Applicable models: BMPCC 4K / 6K / 6Kpro
Instructions for use: Please use the power bank/charger and mobile power supply with PD 12V protocol output. When using it, please install it in the following order. First, plug the Type-C charging cable into the power bank/charger and mobile power supply, and finally Install the 2 pin connector to the camera's female socket (note: this step must be the last, otherwise some cameras will not turn on). If the installation sequence is wrong and the camera does not turn on, just unplug the 2 pin connector from the interface, and then reinstall it in order to boot. With power indicator, it displays green when it is powered on, and it does not light up when it is not powered on.