MICKIT RODE SM4-R Style Suspension Shockmount for shutgun microphone

Item No.: MICKIT
The DIGITALFOTO MICKIT is a suspension shock mount for mounting various  microphones onto a mic stand or boompole with 3/8" thread.
The DIGITALFOTO MICKIT is equipped with dual Rycote Lyre mounts to ensure maximum isolation from any handling vibrations,
1.Support Microphone 19-22mm
2.Adjustment distance:20-90mm
4.Suspension Shockmount
5.Mounts on Mic Stand or Boompole
6.Dual Rycote Lyre Mounts
7.Reduces Handling Vibrations

Why choose MICKIT rather than Rode SM4-R?

  1. MICKIT including easy to remember scale,while Rode SM4-R no;
  2. Cold shoe is included for directly mounting on camera etc;
  3. 3 years warranty
  4. Passing the extreme cold -40℃ weather test