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DigitalFoto CLIMBER-FF15B Single-Sided Cine Foldable Follow Focus with A/B Hard Stops for 15mm Rod R

DF brings the first look at CLIMBER-FF15B follow focus to you all.  Smart appearance and practical functions follow the affordable price to maximize your shooting imagination.

CLIMBER-FF15B is a portable follow focus with a net weight of only 460g and an adjustable height angle. Net anti-sweat and anti-slip rubber design contributes perfect focusing experience. The metal parts are all made of alloy material, which is strong and does not rust. Equipped with 4 ring belts to suit the needs of different lenses.

It is worth mentioning that it has two hard stops to memorize your best focus point, so that you can quickly and perfectly present the effect you want when you shoot.Quick-fit design make us install follow focus on 15mm rods easily and quickly.

Advantages in Summary:
  1. With A/B stops we can set any fixed focus point.We can also use it without stops.  
  2. Net anti-sweat and anti-slip rubber design contribute perfect focusing experience.
  3. Gear can be installed both left and right which make our rig setup flexible.
  4. Quick-fit design make us install follow focus on 15mm rods easily and quickly.
  5. Follow focus height and angle are adjustable by loose the knob.
  6. With 60mm 70mm 80mm 90mm inner diameter four POM high quality ring belt,we can use our follow focus on majority camera lens including cinema lens.

Packing List:
The current standard packing list contains one follow focus, 4 ring belt and 2 stop screw and one Allen key.

Price and availability:
Climber-FF15B is available now for 260USD, For more information and purchase it, It is different from many low-cost follow focus on the market in its quality and detail control. please refer to
Climber-FF15B  Official store link 
What do you think about the new Climber-FF15B follow focus? Do you think it would be a great addition to your setup?  Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


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