DJI RS3 RS3PRO Ecosystem
RGB Light

RGB 2500K-8500K Dimmable LED Video Light Cantilever Bracket with APP

Item No.: A1
Power range: 0%-100% (adjustable)
Color temperature range: 2,5OOK~8,50OK(土30OK) adjustable
Maximum brightness: 115OLM
Maximum intensity of illumination: 135Olux/0.5m
Color rendering index: CRI≥95/ TLCI297
Maximum power: 72w
Wireless dimming: (Android ,Apple)/RC-1 1 remote dimming (sold separately)
Remote distance:15 to 20 meters Such as barrier-free objects in the service environment)
Charging port: Type-Cinterface,5V/2A
Charging time: ≥3.5 hours
Built-in lithium battery: 7.4/3000mAh
Battery life: About 2 hours/100% power
Ambient temperature: 0-40°C
Fixed interface: Two-way converter
Dimensions: About 140mm x 80mm x 16mm
Weight: About 265g
Material: Metal
What's in the box:
1x LED Light
1x Two-way converter
1x Type-C cable
1x Flash diffuser