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THANOS-PRO Gimbal Support Vest with Z Axis Spring Arm for DJI Ronin S Zhiyun Crane 2 Moza Air 2 PK Tiffen Steadicam Steadimate S

THANOS-PROZY is compatible with ZHIYUN CRANE 2   
THANOS-PRORS is compatible with DJI RONIN S
THANOS-PROM2 is compatible with MOZA AIR 2
If no need vest and arm,please search YC-RS or YC-ZY
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Gimbals Collar/Yoke 10.5” L x 5.1” W x 1.2” @ 1lb
Weighted Base 19*11*3cm@1.6kg (all weights attached)
Counter Weight 130g*8pcs  65.3g*4pcs
Supporting Vest 2.25kg    55*50*20cm
Arm Capacity 2.5kg-9kg/5.51-19.84lbs
Arm 2.95kg   75*18*7cm
Handheld Gimbals Compatibility DJI Ronin-S/Zhiyun Crane 2/Moza Air 2
Weighted Base Utilizes Ø15mm x 60mm rods
¼-20 accessory mounting holes Gimbal Collar/Yoke handle 2holes
Arm+Vest Weight 6.5kg/14.33lbs
Gimbal Collar/Yoke +handle +counter weight 2.5kg/5.51lbs
Package Size 65x55x25
THANOS PRO Gross Weight 11kg

Big Advantage Compared With Tiffen Steadicam Steadimate-S

  Steadimate-S collar rotate part is not built with bear which lead to unnecessary friction in gimbal pan axis

  THANOS-PRO collar rotate part is built with high quality bear which ensure smooth motion movement in gimbal pan axis

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by Robert P. Davenport II
Nov 30,2019
Does this work as well with Zhiyun Crane version 2?
by Michael Thiel
Nov 23,2019
Payload capacity
Hi, Congrats on the new Thanos Pro. I'm very interested in purchasing one as it seems to be the best option for Ronin S operators. But I wanted to ask a very specific question... When I put all my stuff on my gimbal (camera, lens, light, microphone, external screen, focus and zoom motors), the total weight of my Ronin is about 8kg. So I see that the Thanos can handle up to 9kg, so at first I thought this was perfect but I the I had a second thought cause I guess the 9kg capacity includes the Yoke, right? So that means it exceeds the payload capacity since I already have a 8kg set up + 2.5kg for the Yoke = 10.5kg. Is it correct to say in this case it would be too heavy? Thanx in advance for your reply and advice. All best, Michael
by Daudé Valentin
Oct 19,2019
Can you make a yoke for moss AIR 2 ?
by Emad Yousef
Sep 16,2019
very interested
very interested and i want know the price and do you delivering to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ? waiting your answer ASAP


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