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DIGITALFOTO Black ABS Portable 4/5 axis Camera Stabilizer Gimbal Flexiable Dual Handle with Spring for Ronin S ZHIYUN Smooth 4 Crane 2 A1000 Moza

Item No.: DH 04
1.With Spring,Make 3 axis gimbal be 5 axis gimbal,30% improvement in stability
2.Compatibility: It is compatible with all brand single hand gimbal stabilizer with handle diameter of 2-5cm. It comes with round accessories which can be installed with quick
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1.With Spring,Make 3 axis gimbal be 5 axis gimbal,30% improvement in stability
2.Compatibility: It is compatible with all brand single hand gimbal stabilizer with handle diameter of 2-5cm. It comes with round accessories which can be installed with quick baseplate where can fix cameras,camcorder etc
3.Bearing range: replaceable spring, 3 sets of different springs, bearing range from 0.9-4.5kg
4.Expandability: Dual handle can be installed with accessories like quick baseplate, magic hand grip, LED light, microphone, monitor, etc.
5.Shock absorption design: It adopts oil pressure assisted fine adjustment design, can achieve fine adjustment rebound according to different loads and different use environment to achieve shock absorption effect.
6.Release one hand pressure



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